About Banner 

“Quality for life”



The Story of Banner started off as a trading house in the gemstone hub of downtown Yangon in Myanmar called the Magoe Street. It was where gems brokers from all over the country brought their collections of different precious and semi-precious stones to trade with both local merchants and foreigners looking for the best quality gems from Myanmar. Places like the legendary Mogok and Mongshu mines produce the best pigeon-blood rubies in the world, and Burmese sapphires from northern Burma are also one of the best in color and luster. On the other hand, jade mined from Kachin State (also in northern Burma) is of the finest imperial quality, highly sought after by the Chinese mainland. With a wide array of precious and semi-precious gems, Mr. Thaung Tun (my father and founder of Banner) traded and collected an exquisite inventory of gems using nothing but a loupe and a hand torchlight. Unlike today where there are gem laboratories to test the identity of different gems, the 1990s was a period where a lot of gems traders in Burma had to rely on experience and their own expertise. It is with this raw knowledge of gemstones that Banner was founded on, and until today, this expertise in Burmese gemstones continues to be the core of our business. 




Our jewelries…

Banner started off its jewelry line in 1995, with a team of highly skilled Burmese benchworkers and artisans. From its inception, detail and quality have been the keystones to the brand’s success. The designs from Banner reflect the long-standing heritage of Burmese jewelry and the unique craftsmanship of Burmese hand-crafters. With an in-depth expertise of gemstones at the core, we have always given special emphasis to creating jewelries that would best complement the sparkling beauties of our gems. As a second-generation member, I am striving to increase both the variety our designs (catering more to the likes of the millennial generation) and the scope of our gemstones. Today, we are starting to incorporate more advanced ways of making jewelry using molds and 3D designs to enhance our craftsmanship and design. We have also made customization a big part of our business so that our customers can pick their favorite designs and gemstones.  


With the unstable political and economic conditions surrounding Burma, it used to be very hard for gems traders and jewelers to display and trade their collections with global buyers. Today, with our heavy investment into online retail, our mission is to reach out and display our gems and jewelry to as many like-minded gem enthusiasts as possible and to give them easy access to buying our jewelries through our social media platforms and this website. For this, we have created a very comprehensive catalogue with pictures and descriptions that will allow customers to get a virtual shopping experience of our store. At the same time, we still welcome our customers to physically visit our stores to pick out their favorite designs and look at our gems collections in person. 

Let us be your guide to picking out the jewelries of your dreams…

– Kaung Myat Lin 
Director (Banner Gems and Jewellery) 
Graduate Gemologist (G.G. New York)